About Our General Contractor in Orlando, FL

Winston G. Brown, a second-generation general contractor in Orlando, Florida, founded Sequel Developers, Inc. As a lifetime student of the trade, he started the construction design company based on his heritage in construction, strong entrepreneurial spirit, and ethical values that were instilled in him early in life.

The building contractor company was named in honor of his heritage in construction, and it captures the essence of what the company stands for. The word Sequel simply means a continuation, and it represents his legacy and the continuance of a tradition of excellence in building construction. Outstanding performance, integrity, and quality work are the foundation of the company's mission.

Winston G. Brown – President, Principal, and General Contractor in Orlando, FL

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MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) OSD (Office of Supplier Diversity)
Florida License Number: CGC1512796
Georgia License Number: RLQA001612