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General Contracting

Sequel Developers is a licensed, insured, and bondable commercial general contractor (GC) in both Georgia and Florida. As GC for our clients, we join your project team toward the end of the design phase. You can count on us for quality construction design in Orlando, Florida. Through the traditional design-bid-build approach, we provide general contracting services to our clients in a variety of negotiated or bid contract options, such as lump sum price, cost-plus-fee basis, and negotiated guaranteed maximum price (GMP) models.

Our general contractor team consists of experienced professionals who are capable of meeting all the challenges of such a dynamic industry. We have experience in a variety of markets and construction types.

General Contractor in Orlando, FL

Project Types

  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Warehouses
  • Retail Stores
  • Housing
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Hospital Clinics
  • Restaurants
  • Public Works

Construction Management

Sequel Developers can provide construction management services as an agent for the owner or on an at-risk basis. Construction management is a delivery method where the construction manager (CM) orchestrates the planning, design, and construction phases of a project for the owner. Typically an owner will hire members of their construction team directly, which consist of a construction manager, architect, and engineer. As the CM, we coordinate all aspects of the construction process and integrate the planning, design, and construction phases from the inception of their project through completion.

Construction Management Services in Orlando, FL

We provide construction management services tailored to our clients' needs and goals. The construction management services we provide include:

  • Pre-Construction Planning
  • Design Review
  • Constructability Analysis
  • Cost Estimates
  • Value Engineering
  • Project Scheduling
  • Bid Packaging & Subcontractor Qualification
  • Trade Contractor Procurement
  • Bid Scoping
  • Project Management
  • Subcontract Management
  • Cost Control
  • Change Management
  • Safety Management
  • Quality Control
  • Project Closeout

Design Build

Our construction design-build service provides clients with a single-source option for turnkey construction processes. The design-build option provides owners with a cost-effective means to complete their project. This delivery method is an integrated process where the owner has one point of contact when they contract with us. Then we select and manage the design and engineering team best suited for the project's specifics needs with our building construction services. And as the construction manager, we are involved in the design process and offer valuable insight on construction materials and methods that can make the design more efficient and less costly to build. Ultimately, we provide our clients with the assurance that their project will be completed within budget and on time.

Building Construction Design in Orlando, FL

Green Building

Green building construction, known as sustainable construction, is a growing trend in the construction industry that is becoming a new standard. It is a process where special features are incorporated into the building process to create structures that will provide long-term environmental benefits and reduce the environmental footprint of the finished product. It is an environmentally friendly way of building that is governed by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), and Sequel Developers, Inc. is committed to preserving the environment and the adoption of sustainable design and construction practices.

Sequel Developers, Inc. believes LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certified Buildings are good for the environment. And we know they also provide immediate and long-term economic benefits for building owners and occupants — so in the best interest of our customers, our green building construction firm is prepared to handle our clients' LEED Certified goals. We have LEED Accredited Professionals on staff to assist our clients and construction teams with the delivery of LEED Certified Buildings.

Building Exterior and Interior

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Florida License Number: CGC1512796
Georgia License Number: RLQA001612